Chemical analysis (Ge.-%)
C Smax Mn Cr Mo v Other
1.00 0.005 0.35 7.50 2.60 0.30 Ti

In the area of cold working steels, TENASTEEL® is the modern answer to the challenges of tool and operating costs.

In the automobile industry TENASTEEL® is ideally suited to the latest development trends (greater material thicknesses, high-tensile steels, aluminium...) and to high volume production.

With material properties between conventional steels (1.2379/AISI D2) and powder-metallurgical materials, TENASTEEL® offers efficient and competitive solutions. It permits better tool productivity thanks to an increase in the service life of the active parts of the tool.

TENASTEEL® is also ideally prepared for the newest design processes, hence this material facilitates coatings and surface treatments without constraints.


The performance of a tool steel must not only be measured by technical advancements but also in terms of commercial savings. The economic success is rated in terms of service life as well as manufacturing capacity:

  • in the sinking of maintenance costs,
  • as well as the improvement in production performance.

The metallurgical properties demanded enjoy priority.

Fewer cutting edge break-offs due to better toughness of the steel

Compressive strength

High level of distortion resistance due to the steel's excellent compressive strength. Under demanding conditions, the service life of TENASTEEL® is longer than that of 1.2379 / D2.

Wear resistance


The adhesive wear resistance of TENASTEEL® is significantly better than that of 1.2379 / D2, the abrasive wear resistance is comparably good.

Heat treatment

Easy to harden

  • TENASTEEL® is hardened within the same temperature range as conventional steels (1.2379/D2),
  • TENASTEEL® should be tempered twice: similarly to 1.2379/D2
  • Hardnesses of 58/60 HRC should be strived for to achieve toughness and low distortion.

TENASTEEL® permits high tempering temperatures:

  • Improved dimensional stability in operation (due to low residual austenite content),
  • Low distortion with erosion after hardening,
  • Compatibility with all established surface treatments (nitriding) and coatings (PVC/CVD).

Surface treatment

TENASTEEL® is ideally suited for:

  • Nitriding (in gas, plasma, salt bath)
  • PVD
  • PA-CVD
  • CVD

Surface coatings and treatments (apart from CVD) should be carried out at temperatures 20°C below the tempering temperature.

As a carrier material:

Example: nitriding at 525°C

Samples hardened to 60 HRC prior to nitriding

No loss of hardness in the core with TENASTEEL®

Better nitrogen diffusion with TENASTEEL®




Automotive, electronics, household equipment, recycling…


Punching and bending, forming tools, machine blades, cutting tools, wear parts, guideways, ceramic moulds…

Fields of application:

Punching and bending of

  • High strength steels (avoidance of cutting edge break-offs)
  • Large thicknesses (avoidance of break-offs)
  • Rust-free steels and aluminium (reduction of adhesive wear)


  • Rust-free and soft steels up to 10 mm (wear resistance similar to 1.2379/D2 with significantly better toughness)


  • Arvin Meritor
  • Auto Chassis International
  • Becq Crespel
  • Bosal
  • Eurolame
  • Faurecia
  • Gestamp
  • Legrand
  • Oxford Automotive
  • Porcelanosa
  • Peugeot SA
  • Renault
  • Seva (Saint-Gobain)
  • Tailored Blank Arcelor
  • Thyssen Krupp Automotive
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Cold work tool steel of optimal toughness and best compressive strength

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