EcoPlan Precision Ground Flat Stock (acc. to DIN 59350)
Toolox33 in günstigen Kurzlängen

Tempered - Tensile strength 860 - 1.010 MPa
  • Width: +0.2 / -0 mm
  • Thickness: +0.2 / -0 mm
  • Length: +0.4 / -0 mm
  • Allseitig, auch in der Länge,
  • entkohlungsfrei präzisionsbearbeitet

PräziPlan® Toolox33

Length : 1,000 mm

EcoPlan® Toolox33

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Toolox 33® replaces common plastic mould steels as P20 and 1.2738, since it offers an ideal combination of the best characteristics of them

EcoPlan Precision Ground Flat Stock

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