• Width: +0.2 / -0 mm
  • Thickness: +0.3 / -0 mm
  • Length: +0.2 / -0 mm
Sawn edges available:
  • Width: +4 / -0 mm
  • Length: +4 / -0 mm
Minimum dimension:
  • Width: 20 mm
  • Length: 20 mm
Maximum dimension:
  • Width: 960 mm
  • Length: 2900 mm


Delivery time approx. 10 to 11 days ex works.
x x x

Please specify your chamfers:

Fasen Quader
x 45°
x 45°
x 45°

Please specify your radiuses:

The value in the radius field is invalid. Maximum radius is 30 mm
The value in the inset field is invalid. Maximum inset is 1 mm
The value in the side chamfer field is invalid. The minimum chamfer on the side is 0.1 mm
The value in the chamfers side field is invalid. Maximum chamfers side is 5 mm
Maximum chamfers top is 5 mm
Minimum chamfers top is 0.1 mm
Maximum chamfers bottom is 5 mm
Minimum chamfers bottom is 0.1 mm
Standard function (radius) only supported up to a thickness of 110,00 mm.
Standard function (side chamfer) only supported up to a thickness of 110,00 mm.
The maximum thickness is 126.3 mm!
The minimum thickness is 10 mm!
The maximum width is 960 mm!
The minimum width is 20 mm!
The maximum length is 2900 mm!
The minimum length is 20 mm!
Please check your entries or the marking of the corners.
Length value has to be higher than width value
For best results, use the smallest value as the thickness, the middle value as the width, and the largest value as the length. Werte neu anordnen.
You must select ‚milled‘ as edge machining to be able to select chamfers.
You must select ‚milled‘ as edge machining to be able to select a radius.
With parts having a width of < 70 mm, the maximum length is 460 mm.
The maximum width is  mm for parts having a thickness >  mm.

Schematic illustration of chamfer, radiuses and clearance:

Length: mm
Width: mm
Radius and Clearance
Product info Material info



Toolox 33® replaces common plastic mould steels as P20 and 1.2738, since it offers an ideal combination of the best characteristics of them


Fine-finished tool steel sheets cut to size, optional widths and lengths

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