1.2363 X 100 CrMoV 5

1.2363 (X 100 CrMoV 5)


Chemical composition % C Si Mn P S Cr Mo V
0.99 0.17 0.57 0.018 0.017 5.25 1.02 0.16

Cold working steel for the manufacture of cutting tools, thread rolling dies as well as shearing blades and hardened large-section guideways.

The material 1.2363 fills a gap between 1.2842 and 1.2379. Machining is unproblematic, similarly to 1.2842.. The grinding of hardened components is also simple compared with 1.2379. However 1.2363 hardens well under vacuum similarly to 1.2379. In addition, 1.2363 is significantly cheaper than 1.2379 and should be used where 1.2842 is inadequate for the application requirement due to wear resistance or through hardening capability but the 1.2379 is not absolutely necessary. In the case of recurring applications it makes sense to carry out material comparison tests.

This material is obtained from us as precision flat steel, raw flat steel, in the form of ready-to-fit, hardened guideways to your drawings and also as a semi-finished product to your specifications.

1.2363 machines well and takes hardnesses of up to 63 HRc; good wear properties are achieved with secondary hardening. Larger guideway cross-sections also through-harden well, 1.2363 being the ideal material for hardened guideways over 40 mm thick.

Tempering diagram
  • Hardening temperature: 970°C / oil
  • Sample cross section: rect. 20 mm
Heat treatment diagram
Repair welding

There is the danger of fracture during welding work, as is general with tool steels

TTT diagram for continuous cool down
  • Austenitisation temperature: 960°C
  • Dwell time: 15 minutes
Hardness in HV
  • 1...99 Microstructure components in %
  • 0,4...20,0 Cool down parameters, i.e cooling duration from 800 - 500°C in seconds x 10 (power -2)
  • 5 K/min...1 K/min cool down speed in K/min in the 800 - 500°C range
  • Mk...Martensite grain boundary
  • B...Bainite
Microstructure mass diagram
  • B...Bainite
  • —— Oil cooling
  • –• –Air cooling
  • 1... Work piece edge
  • 2... Work piece centre
Isothermic TTT diagram
  • Austenitisation temperature: 960°C
  • Dwell time: 15 minutes
Dependence of grain hardness and hardening depth on the work piece diameter
  • Hardening temperature: 960°C
  • Hardening medium:
  • ______ Oil
  • -------- Air
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1.2363 X 100 CrMoV 5

Cold work tool steel for the manufacture of punching dies, thread rolling dies as well as shear blades and hardened guide bars with large cross-sections

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