1.2379 D 2/BD 2

1.2379 (X 153 CrMoV 12)


Chemical composition % C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni V W
1.52 0.34 0.27 0.020 0.013 11.37 0.75 0.19 0.88 0.19

Cold working steel for the manufacture of dimensionally stable high-performance cutting tools with good toughness and the highest level of wear hardness.

This material is obtained from us as a raw material (round and flat), as a precision flat steel, as VarioPlan, as VarioPlan with fine machined thickness, as VarioRond, as a semi-finished product to your specifications and as a hardened or unhardened erosion block.

1.2379 is a ledeburitic 12% chrome steel which requires very high grade heat treatment. The hardening temperature is over 1000°C. In a hardened state, this material is relatively difficult to machine by virtue of its wear resistance.

  • Austenitisation temperature: 1020°C
  • Dwell time: 30 minutes
Heat treatment diagram
Isothermic TTT diagram
TTT diagram for continuous cool down
  • Austenitisation temperature: 1080°C
  • Dwell time: 30 minutes
Hardness in HV
  • 2...100 Microstructure components in %
  • 0.40...59.8 cool down temperature, i.e. cooling duration from 800 - 500°C in seconds x 10 (power -2)
  • 2...1 K/min cool down speed in K/min in the 800°C to 500°C range
  • Ms'-Ms...Area of martensite grain formation boundary
  • KgM...Martensite grain boundary
Microstructure mass diagram
  • Lk...Ledeburite carbide
  • RA...Residual austenite
  • B...Bainite
  • P...Perlite
  • K...Carbide
  • ------- Oil cooling
  • – • – Air cooling
  • 1...Work piece edge
  • 2...Work piece centre

Dependence of grain hardness and hardening depth on the work piece diameter
  • Hardening temperature: 1030°C
  • Hardening medium:
  • ______ Oil
  • -------- Air
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Obtainable as the following products:


1.2379 D 2/BD 2

Cold work tool steel for the manufacture of punching dies, thread rolling dies as well as shear blades and hardened guide bars with large cross-sections

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